Jersey was born on August 6, a week after her abandoned mom was safety brought to THE Rabbit Resource. She's from Eve's litter.

She and her 5 siblings were syringe fed. Jersey was initially one of the smallest in the litter and has always had an independent, free spirit personality. She’s inquisitive and was the first to figure out how to get out of her nest box! Jersey also figured out how to climb stairs. She eats everything now and looks forward to her salads. Jersey will run happily around your feet and will push her nose into your hand for nose rubs. She is very easily picked up and set down, although she prefers down exploring. Jersey loves running and binkying, then flopping for a rest. She’s bonded with her brother, Charolais, and is housed with other rabbits, including her sister. 
Jersey will be about 6 pounds full grown, and she’s more than half way there. 

Jersey (Bonded with Charolais)


Jersey - Bonded with Charolais

Female - will be spayed soon

Born 8/6/18

Will be medium size