If you are looking for a bunny to entertain, amuse, and bring you joy every single day, look no further than Johnny Hopps!!

He is a super adventurous bun who loves helping you with every day tasks such as cleaning and exercising. His favorite activities include exploring new places, hopping up on furniture, playing with his toys, following you around and nudging your ankles, and relaxing in the middle of the floor.

He has exceptional litter habits! He loves Oxbow hay, Timothy pellets, spring mix, and Oxbow treats. He will need to be a free roam bunny.

8/26/21 - Johnny was just diagnosed with glaucoma and is blind in one eye. He currently needs to be on eye drops three times a day. He has a follow up appointment in 2 months. Other than the glaucoma, he is a healthy, happy boy!

Please consider adding this exceptional bunny to your family!

Johnny Hopps _ Adoption Pending!

Male - Neutered


​Born ~ 1/2020

Medium size ~ 6 lbs.