Born 8/2/14

Male - Neutered

Lop mix, 5 lbs

White with Brown Markings

Junior & Jimmy

My brother (Jimmy) and I are being fostered by a family in Malta, NY. They have had me since I was four weeks old. I was born in the local county animal shelter. My step mommy volunteered there. When my brother was in need she took us both home to care for us. We have been with them since.

I love to sit on the couch and watch TV while my step-daddy pets me. I am a very friendly bunny who is not shy at all. I like adventure and meeting new people. I sit on the kitchen rug and beg for veggies. My favorite fruits and vegetables are carrots, lettuces, bananas, and strawberries. 

I like to run around the house and play behind the curtains. My favorite games are peak-a-boo and exploring the back yard. I have my own bedroom, but get free range of the house when my foster parents are home. I get along with my two sister guinea pigs and I am litterbox trained.

Junior - Adopted!