Lionel -


If you are looking for an easy going, social, loving, smaller sized bun, with an impeccable hair style - look no further! Lionel is the bun for you! Lionel is a young adult male Lionhead mix, whom has not yet been neutered, but will be soon. Lionel is a charcoal color, with silver highlights, and he sports the lionhead hair-do. He adores having his hair brushed, fluffed and styled! 

Lionel was previously an owned bun, but his owner's lifestyle was changing and he soon found himself up for adoption on Craigslist. Luckily, a kind woman saw his listing, rescued him from falling into the wrong hands, and got him enrolled in our rescue group. 

His foster family absolutely adores him. Lionel is a diamond in the rough. He is rarely ever shy. Lionel loves children, appreciates cuddles and attention 24/7, and doesn't mind cats or calm/older dogs. He shows promising signs that he would do well bonding with another bun (perhaps a future wife-bun), and is all-around an amazing bunny!

This is the pet bun people dream about! The real deal! He has energy and spunk, and loves playing with bunny toys. But he also loves catching an afternoon nap in the sun. Most of all, he loves people, treats, and soaking up all of your attention. His litter box habits are near perfection as well. All of his excellent personality traits make Lionel a wonderful addition for most families. He does very well in a busy household. 


Male - will be neutered soon

Young Lionhead