Marilyn is a sweet bunny who loves attention. She's friendly and likes to explore but does not like to hop on anything except carpet so it's easy to keep her contained to a small area. She will nudge you or nibble your leg to get your attention and she loves to be petted. She will melt into the ground for a head rub. She is a hefty bunny at 7 lbs but does not mind being picked up and being cuddled. Marilyn has great litter box habits and  enjoys her hay and a variety of greens. 

Marilyn may be fine with other buns and is great with children because she is gentle and will come over to anyone sitting on the floor to see what they are doing. Marilyn does not chew on furniture or carpet but loves to lick everything and will eat up any paper she finds in her way.

Female - Spayed

​Born ~ 4/1/20

Medium/large size ~ 7 lbs.

​Vaccinated for RHDV2

Marilyn Bunroe - Adopted!