Marley - Adopted!

Marley was reported running around in a small "green area" outside of Empire State Plaza in Albany. She was taking shelter under some juniper bushes trying to stay out of the July heat and humidity. She was found with another rabbit who unfortunately did not make it so we were very happy we found her when we did! She was covered in ticks and needed a vet visit to remove a Bot Fly from her neck - one of the reasons we do not allow domesticated rabbits outside.

Once we got her home, it was clear how special her personality was. She is very curious and loves to see what humans do. She follows us around when we are cleaning her area, and loves running between your feet to tell you how happy she is. She is a very bold little girl and loves jumping and running, but is just as happy to sit with you for a pet. Due to her chill personality, she could do well with a rabbit friendly cat or dog, as she loves our Black Lab and they frequently lay together on the floor.

Because of her active personality she will need a household that can accommodate a free range bunny. We currently have her in a pen when we are at work, and she is let out and supervised when we are home. Given her frustrating start in life, she does not want to be caged and we can't blame her.

As of August, 2016, she is approximately 8- 9 months old & 4.5lbs, and continues to gain healthy weight.  She is working on litter training and will be up for adoption after healing from her spay surgery. She is currently being fostered outside of Albany, NY. 



​Born around 1/2016