Midnight - Adopted!

Midnight and her siblings wound up in a situation where they all needed to be rescued when they were newborn buns. So Midnight has grown up in foster care and would love nothing more than to find a place she can call home forever!

Midnight is a strikingly beautiful (especially when basking in warm summer sunlight) black bunny, with very adorable white markings on her nose, feet, and chest. Sometimes in the dark all her foster mommy sees is her cute little white wiggly nose. It's a very cute feature! 

When Midnight was only a few months old, she began to argue with her sister bun. They fought a few times and Midnight began to sink into a shy shell of a personality.  Midnight was moved to a new foster home, and has worked very hard at breaking her shell down and learning to feel safe in her space. For that reason, we recommend her to not live with another female bunny. She is showing some interest in bonding with male buns, but would absolutely need more time than usual in order to properly bond with the right male. 

Now that Midnight has had time to love life again- she is looking for the right home to spoil! She is quite the comic, and is extremely intelligent. She will let her people know exactly what she wants and when she wants it. Quite the diva. If she wants your attention, she will make sure you know!!! And treat time, well that's her favorite time of the day! But if you're late, she'll know! She enjoys being lazy, especially in the snow. She finds great places to hide, loves to play, she's very entertaining to watch do bunny puzzle toys, and she loves being pet when it's not play time! Occasionally she really wants to be held. She doesn't mind cats, but younger, hyper dogs are not her style. She doesn't mind older children either! 


Female - Spayed

Young Adult

Medium size