Milkyway is one of the lucky buns, who found his way to our rescue while his mother was still pregnant with him and his siblings. His generous first foster mom gave his momma-bun a safe place to give birth to him and his siblings. At a few months of age, Milkyway found his way to a new foster home with one of his brothers.

He is truly growing into his personality. Not only does Milkyway have the sweetest bunny nose, and a super cute bunny butt, but he also has a larger than Earth personality. He is a bit shy around new faces/voices for only a moment, but his curiosity always gets the best of him and he ends up having to investigate. He is quite the curious little bun. He just loves playing with bunny toys. (And he's quite intelligent too!) But he truly loves demanding ear scratches and back scratches. He loves children, thinks he's far beyond the intelligence of cats - and really likes being the center of his people's attention. He's litter box trained and is just a great little guy!! (And quite the charmer.)

Milkyway - Adopted!


Male - will be neutered prior to adoption

Weighs about 5 lbs

Born Aug. 2018