This is Mojito - he’s a good little eater! He enjoys his pellets, currently Sherwood brand. He loves his hay, his fresh veggies and his treat time.

He’s not huge on cuddling, though he will now allow his foster mom to pick him up to move him out of his x-pen and into the hall so she can clean. He took a while to warm up to pets as well, but now he'll allow pets on his schedule.

He’s a chewer for sure, and likes chewing at his timothy hut.  We are still working on trust in general, so he would probably do best without small children around. He tolerates his foster mom's nieces, but he has a history of nipping.

Mojito seems interested in the other bunny at his foster home - they've had limited contact, though they can always see each other. His litter box habits are improving and he’s a sweetheart once he settles in!


Male - neutered

Born ~ 4/2018

​Medium size

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