Morse - Adopted!

Hi!  I’m Morse, and I was rescued from a neglect situation on 11/30/17. I am adjusting to house rabbit life nicely and am very happy to be inside and warm where the green leaf and kale and other greens falls from the sky, and I don’t have to forage and find shelter.   

I’m around 6.5 pounds and am a young adult (DOB approximated to be around November 2016).  My foster humans are still getting to know me and my personality.  I have a good temperament and was not stressed by my first vet visit at all; but I do startle easily and need time to get more used to humans.  During run time, I am extremely active and curious; and I do huge, high binkies and run FAST!

I will thrive in a home with humans who will spend time with me and help me socialize.  I will likely be a good candidate for bonding as I have been curious about, but not aggressive to the other rabbits in the house.  

I love my free-choice Timothy hay and a dinner of a wide variety of greens and vegetables in addition to a small portion of pellets for breakfast.

I am litter-trained.


Male - Neutered

Born ~ 11/2016

Weighs ~ 6.5 lbs.

​Located in Binghamton area