Freckles is blind from cataracts but it doesn't interfere with her. She has a very shiny spirit, like nothing gets her down. She and her mate Timmy are both very sensitive and soulful. Both are very good hay-munchers and very self-sufficient. They just need some loving interaction, stimulation, and stable, comfortable care where they aren't going through a lot of change. Freckles is spotted brown-red on white, and Timmy is natural brown, colored like a cottontail.

Freckles is amazing - I experience her as almost psychic in her sensitivity and ability to communicate just by her presence.  She is deep and soulful ~ something that used to show so strongly in her eyes but they now have crystal-white pupils. Timmy is a doting mate, you can feel him looking out for her with a protective energy, but he isn't boxy about it.

Both are timid, although Freckles is less skittish now that she can't see. (Please note: Timmy is not blind, only Freckles. Tim does occasionally get a clogged tear duct, though.) They need a place where they will receive regular loving interaction and can feel very safe and cared for instead of one of many.  Timmy is not a fan of being handled over and over (he'll thump and run) but he does snuggle so sweetly when held and in the right circumstances I believe he would blossom so beautifully.  (He loves neck rubs.) He has an extremely sensitive spirit, seems very connected to nature and seems to wish he was not caged 24/7 (just seems kind of down most of the time lately... it's been a long three years of mama not being able to interact a lot or let them play). He seems to be more serious now that Freckles can't see. Perhaps he's taking his role extra-seriously. He probably would love a place where he could go safely outside in an x-pen sometimes and feel the grass again (before I got sick, we used to do monitored outings together for short periods).
Especially given their situation, I would love for them to go from my place to a true forever home, but if necessary, I will be comfortable if they foster with someone who has good bunny experience and will give them a lot of quiet and space. 

FRECKLES & TIMMY - female/male, spayed/neutered, six years old. Helicopter ears, and Timmy's ears are almost always down, although not like a lop.

When Nellie was a baby she looked like a little guinea pig, hence the name Penelope Piggy Wig. She is extra fluffy and a little Barbie bunny, a princess who loves pink blankets and pretties, and little treats to tenderly nibble. She appreciated very much when I clued in to start treating her like a tiny princess and dropped the "piggy wig" part of her name. She has a pink bow on her pen and loves to jump from floor to floor of her condo, napping and munching on every level throughout the day. She loves variety and interaction. We used to go on walks outside (on my shoulder) and visit the maple tree and watch the sky. She lost her mate in 2012 and grieved for awhile but then became a mommy's girl. She's fluffy white with light red markings.
She has a special need in that she must not ever have greens of any sort, no raisins (nothing too wet-sweet), and no alfalfa of any sort. If she is exposed to these, she gets some kind of probiotic imbalance which creates gooky cecals which clump on her verrrry furry bottom and create problems. It stays under control mostly by giving no greens and sticking with pure timothy hay, but she stays completely balanced if you also give a daily probiotic (I can give further info about this when needed). She is fine with the Oxbow pellets and paces herself with them (occasionally she'll go a day or two not wanting them) and can have some carrot, and she adores bits of dried apple and the herbal hay from National Geographic's forage mix. I use these treats with her when I'm giving the others something she can't have and she's so happy she never notices what the others are getting. She is also extra-extra fluffy and should be groomed fairly regularly for her own comfort and health. But she's very easy to tend to and will lie on her back safely and in full trust while you clean her (if ever needed).
She's my special sweetheart, would like to find an experienced forever home if possible, someone to cherish her and give her lots of 1:1 attention. It's extremely hard to part with any of them, but really breaking my heart to let her go.

I need to take fresh pics... hard to get them these days... these two are much more than these pics show. Zoey (Zozo) is tiny, white with black spots and ears. Rosa is slightly larger, with similar markings but in a delicious dark chocolate brown. She has eyes like the most tender, patient and heart-filled granny you've ever met. Zoey is a plucky boy who took so long to mature I named him as a girl. He lived with girls for a year unneutered and I never knew! Rosa is extremely sweet and quiet-natured, like a country rose, beautiful sensitive heart). They are extremely laid back and have not had much attention partly due to that.  Rosa is very chill, except when she gets bored she'll chew. She is timid but in a way where her eyes say she wants so much to have interaction and when you pick her up she's a sweetie. Zoey is an sweet spunky little guy (very small) who was named after Zorro because when he was younger he was a super-smart and determined little escape artist - all he needs is a cape and he'd be a daring super-hero bunny. He would find a way out of his condo every time so he could snuggle in my lap. 

A few years ago, he was adopted out to a girl in Knoxville who had great credentials, home visit went well, and she already had rabbits. But it turned out she glossed over some facts such as she had small children living with her every other week who were not at all well behaved, and she later lost her job which created bunny-care stress in her home. The mate she bonded him with (a male *sigh*) also later turned on Zoey and she had to separate them. I worked with her directly in-home, but she surrendered him back to me after a year, and Zoey came back changed. His innocent spark became more of a nervous energy when being held. He needs someone to help him trust again.  In his pen with his staid and solid Rosa, he's great ~ not high strung at all.  Just when you hold him he's a little wiggly and worried

SAL (Salley)  - Male, neutered, six years old

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Out of State Bunnies

TATIANNA - spayed female

Hi everyone my name is Tatianna and I was recently rescued from a shelter in NJ. I was really not doing well there at all as I was so scared and did not understand why my family would have left me there. They were very nice to me, but such a big scary place with all those smells and sounds did not do well for me and I was really acting out. Now that I am in the rescue and things are more quiet and calm I am really coming out of my shell and showing my true self. I was also not spayed and was a bit hormonal as well. I am a Dutch mix bun although we do not know what the other half is as I am larger than a Dutch would be. I am slowly learning how to use my litter-box and I like to have my head rubbed but please do not touch my ears as I absolutely hate it. I enjoy fresh greens and love my timothy hay. I would probably do best in a quiet home with no small children and previous bunny knowledge would be great.
Would you consider opening your heart and home to a sweet little girl like me?

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These two compact little bunnies are my Ozzie and Harriet bun pair. They each have a distinct personality but there's an even more obvious personality as a couple. They're so funny, very clean and so good to each other. Violet is super-smart - very self-sufficient and just seems to "know" things. She was very reclusive at first with an almost hostile vibe, but when she and Mr. Fuzzy fell in love, she dropped all that and became my zen bunny. Her ears have almost an indigo cast and you'll fall in love with the salt-n-pepper tuft at the nape of her neck. Fuzzy is a gorgeous color, like a siamese cat, and he's hilarious. He is tiny but can express a big personality (like a tiny dog pretending to be a big dog) when he wants to ~ but not demanding. Very self-sufficient and very protective of his woman. Jealous if you pet her and not him, lol. But he also *loves* to be petted and stroked. He buns right down and is also a good snuggler when you hold him. They live in my kitchen/DR and are used to more household busyness than most of my others. Both will come running for treats and Fuzzy will communicate a lot with just a glance when he wants to psychically move you to go to the fridge on his behalf.

FUZZY & VIOLET - male/female bonded pair, neutered/spayed, six years old. Violet has helicopter ears.

My heart-boy, SAL. Named after a Hebrew name for peace, he is indeed a peaceful boy and has always connected to me in a deep way. He used to like to meditate with me, at my shoulder. Silky white fur, dark eyes and strawberry ears. He has such a pure spirit, laid back (although not a fan of the vacuum), and has a particular innocence about him. He loves his hay and occasional bits of dried apple. Please watch what greens you give him, keep to a minimum or his poops get a little on the soft side and he's not a fan of being cleaned off (but he does a good job himself).  I give Benebac-Plus regularly to help with this and he loves it. He was a doting mate for four years, so happy with his bunwife, but she went to the Bridge late last year. He would probably love a new girlfriend.

LUCY - male, neutered, six years old this past June

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NELLIE (Penelope) - female, spayed, six years old  - not a lop, but floppy helicopter ears

ROSA & ZOEY  (ZOZO) - female/male bonded pair, neutered/spayed, six years old

Named after the Beatles song, Lucy was rescued and housed with Cora from the start. By the time it became clear he is a boy, the name had already stuck and still feels right even as a boy. I often call him "Lucy-goosey." This little man has had a rough life in that he craves love in all the wrong places and has often had to live separately when really he just wants to be loved. He needs someone to learn to trust and receive a whole lotta love. He's sweet and tiny, timid at first but when you pick him up he's a snuggly boy. Calm and easy going but fastidious with a touch of "old man" curmudgeon - he likes things tidy and sometimes a favorite play task is to roll up his blanky and then smooth it back out. (I really need to try to get better pics of him - he's so beautiful but always looks grumpy on camera.)  Lucy probably would be good as a single bun with a human to dote on him. Bonding could be great too if he goes to someone very experienced with bonding ~ i don't know whether his stuff with Cora is just due to her rejecting him suddenly or whether it's about him too. Might possibly re-bond with Cora but I've been uncertain and unable to focus there in my current life situation. When he is in with Cora or in a pen is next to hers, he is fixated on her like a male in heat even though he's neutered. Once moved to the living room he has calmed down entirely and living normally.

The following information pertains to the rabbits listed below this message.

All are in good health. A couple have poop quirks which are noted in the descriptions. All are used to living in multi-storied NIC-grid condos open at the top and love hopping from floor to floor. Lucy is currently in a circle pen. They seem to have good genes: are smart and have stayed healthy except in years past I dealt with gas issues on a seasonal basis (requiring subQs, simethicone, metacam, critical care, etc). I used to give greens frequently, thinking greens helped their guts, but have found this year by withholding greens (mostly due to cost), they have all done great, no issues. So perhaps they have tender tummies. 

All are smallish rabbits. Lucy and Zoey are the smallest.  Cora, Rosa and Freckles are the largest although not as large as a standard rabbit.  All come from meat stock that was bred with one dwarf parent. None are lops but a few have darling helicopter ears - noted next to their names.

Diet. Most of them are exceptional hay-munchers (Lucy and Nellie are more delicate and eat less, but the others go through a lot of hay). They are fed a small amt of Oxbow pellets in the morning and evening, and 24/7 farmer's hay (whatever I could get each season). Recently changed to Small Pet Select hay in order to try to help with my immune issues. They like it but I can't give them as much due to price so they are often bored. (They all loved to root around in wads of the brown bale hay.)  They can be picky sometimes, like when Oxbow changed their recipe they all snubbed it and we did Kaytee temporarily. They also don't care for the flat stemmy bagged Timothy like Kaytee. But they do like some variety and play value to their hay when possible.  They all love the new National Geographic rabbit forage mix (except I pick out the carrots and rose hips - they look gut-dangerous, lol -  and only give the green herby parts... I dole out the dried apples as a separate thing, tearing off tiny pieces as a treat perhaps once daily, if that. They aren't used to having a lot of sweets