Ozzy before he was rescued.

Being transported to safety!

Ozzy​ - Adopted!

Ozzy is a sweet, gentle, older bunny looking for a retirement home where he will be loved and cared for.

The vet isn't sure if he's neutered or if his testicles never descended. Ozzy would need an ultrasound to know for sure. If not ultrasounded, he should be a single bunny to be safe. 

Ozzy will do best in a quiet home where he can relax.

He will need to receive a measured amount of pellets because of crystals in his urine. He drinks a lot (and therefore pees a lot) so he needs an area where it won't matter if he has occasional accidents.

Ozzie endured some rough times and deserves to have a loving, safe, happy home!


Male - see below

Older Adult