Pepperoni - Adopted!

Male - Neutered

​Born ~ 11/1/20

Medium size ~ 6 lbs.


Pepperoni  is a medium-sized very friendly bunny. He  loves nothing more than to eat and if it's time for pellets and you have not delivered them yet, he will carry his food bowl over to you with his mouth. Once you fill it, he swings it around with joy, losing half of them in the process! He has never refused a vegetable and enjoys his Timothy hay.  

Pepper does not chew on items, other than the occasional houseplant that looks like food, so he would make a good free roaming bunny. He does not like slippery floors but will explore around carpeted areas. He likes to toss around his stacking cups and cat toys and he melts for a good head rub! Pepper tolerates being picked up and will even let you hold him for a bit and likes to snuggle.

Pepper is a happy, sweet bunny who would be a great pet for any individual or family.