Peffernusse is a type of cookie that is iced in powdered sugar - all white, like our little girl. She’s a real sweet treat, too. Doesn’t mind pets, loves her salads and dinner time! She enjoys hop time and exploring, overall a calm and happy bun.  She’s curious of other buns, having 7 siblings and some fosters in pens nearby, so she may enjoy a bun friend in the future. 

Female - will be spayed prior to adoption

Born - Jan. 2020

Weighs ~ 3 lbs.

Lionhead mix

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Pfeff came to our rescue in March. She weighs about 3 pounds, is full grown and will be spayed before joining her new family. She will require some grooming to keep her undercoat from becoming matted. Her parents were both fluffy, and she displays lionhead mix fur characteristics.