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Pistache and Nut (previously Noisette)

Bonded Pair (Mother/Daughter)

​Both Female - Spayed

​Born ~ 3/2018 and 3/2019


Larger size ~6 lbs each

These lovely ladies are a mother- daughter pair. They are super soft! Very sweet and learning to trust people. 
They are both fairly shy but will settle in with consistent care and love. They have really great personalities, it’s easy to tell what they want and don’t want. When they’ve had enough of you petting them, or don’t want you petting  their head, they give you the most gentle nip on the hand - it’s like a “please stop,  I love you though.”

A bonded pair is no more care than a single bun- they use the same litter box and stay together, keeping each other company.

If you’re considering a bun, they are not a difficult pair. Being typical rabbits, they prefer not to be picked up, but are happy to have pets and attention on the floor.

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