Meet Poe! This brown beauty was part of a litter born right before Halloween hence her slightly spooky name. Poe is a sweet girl coming in at just over 6lbs of fluff and love.

Currently she is next to her sister in separate pens but does love to groom her sister Venkman through the pens and lay right next to her. So she may do well with another bunny.

Poe is a big explorer and needs someone to keep an eye on her if she is out and about. More than once she has gotten herself into some very interesting situations. With Poe in your life you will never stop laughing or be bored! Beauty may be her strongest suit, but she is a wonderful young bunny just waiting for her forever home and human.

​Poe - Adopted!

Female - Spayed

​Born 10/29/21

​Med./Large size ~ 6 lbs.