Rabbits from Ulster County SPCA


Inca is the original Velveteen rabbit! She has plush midnight black fur with spiffy tan eye rings. Inca is laid back and has shown an artistic streak by remodeling the windows of her cardboard condo—stop by and watch her! She is spayed and should get along well with a neutered male.

Aztec will be ready for adoption after she's spayed. Her bio will be coming soon!

8/6/16 - Inca has been adopted!

​10/5/16 - Aztec has been adopted!



This dotty spotty young lady wants to hang out and play all day! Marmalade has a BIG personality and is full of fun. Maybe she’s a dog in a bunny suit because she always comes running whenever she spots action. She’s been spayed and is searching for the special someone to share her vivacious nature…could it be you?


​Diego is a neutered lion head mix, around one year old. He’s gentle and curious and bounces over for grooming. This friendly fella will hop into your heart!​

10/5/16 - Diego has been adopted!


If you are interested in adopting any of the following bunnies, please contact Nancy at animalauthor@gmail.com or Karen at karenwilson@ucspca.org.

Gloria is a great bunny mother who gave birth December 2015 to daughters Elf and Gingerbread. This trio is so tightly bonded that they appear to be Velcroed together! Consider opening your heart and home to three petite ladies who are long overdue for their forever home.


A sweet lionhead, this glamorpuss sports a golden coat. Paloma’s a tad shy, but will warm up after you give her treats. Paloma is between 1-2 years old and will be spayed soon.

If you are interested in adopting any of these bunnies, please contact Nancy at animalauthor@gmail.com or Karen at karenwilson@ucspca.org.

Aztec and Inca

Double the fun with this bonded brother and sister duo! They arrived at the shelter when they were only six days old and are eager to find their forever home. Crow is neutered and Dakota is spayed.  Both are sweet and mellow; they adore getting attention and massages. Crow and Dakota are kid-friendly and looking forward to meeting you…bring some baby carrots!


Dakota & Crow

Partial or full transport can be arranged for any of these bunnies