Thank you everyone for your generous donations! The match is over, and we have exceeded our goal of $800.00!!! The money raised will benefit many rescued rabbits, and it's a wonderful tribute to Gordon, Toast, and all the honorees!

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A few months ago, my husband and I lost our 2 beloved male rabbits, Gordon Whitefoot and Toast. We adored them and were devastated by the loss. To honor them and all the love and joy they gave us, 
now through November 15th, 2014 we are matching donations to The Rabbit Resource up to (the match was $600.00, and now has been increased to) $800.00 total. 

Gordon was rescued when he  was about 5-6 months old. A kind woman brought him to my work after finding  him on her doorstep. A neighbor of hers had moved  and released his outdoor hutch rabbits to fend for  themselves. I brought the little guy home to  meet my husband and we both fell in love with him. He  was our first rabbit, and taught us just how smart and full of personality rabbits really are!
He was a neat-freak  and was always organizing things he found on the floor. Even when he chewed something up, he would leave the pieces in a tidy pile. He was our "little man" for over 10 years before we lost him from a chronic, progressive condition. 

Toast was also a rescue. He was about 4 months old when someone in the Utica area moved out of their  apartment, leaving him in a box with no food or water.  Luckily the landlord found him a day and a half later. My husband and I agreed to foster him, then decided we couldn't ever let him go to anyone else. He was also a smart boy, inquisitive, full of personality and so handsome! He could be sassy, but was typically very affectionate and loved attention. Toast was only about 3  years old when he passed away unexpectedly from complications after a bladder surgery.  

​Please consider making a donation to support rabbit rescue. Help other bunnies who were abandoned or mistreated to find the loving homes they deserve. 

​ Bonnie & Ernie Selke