Sarge has steadily put on weight and is nearing 5 pounds. He is currently in an x-pen with time to run and explore.  He is friendly, energetic and curious, and enjoys pets if he is on a flat surface like the floor or couch.  He hasn't thus far enjoyed being on someone's lap.  He is very playful and loves toys and tearing apart phone books.  

He is also a great eater.  He's currently getting free choice Oxbow Young Rabbit Pellets and timothy hay, and has started enjoying a bit of greens at night.  Sarge is doing okay with his litter box habits, and should be great after he's neutered the end of May.

Sarge will definitely make a lovely house rabbit!

Sergeant Snuggles (Sarge), is a young male who was found in the trash near Albany in December 2014. He was extremely underweight ("skin and bones") and terrified (as anybun would be).    

He spent about three weeks with a friend of the person who rescued him.  She always wanted to add a bunny to her family, so Sarge seemed like a great fit.  He got along well with both her cat and dog, and had a particular affection for the dog. 

Sadly, she had to contact T.H.E. Rabbit Resource for support after realizing her dog was allergic to Sarge's timothy hay! Luckily, there was a foster space available where Sarge has been since the end of January.  View pictures of Sarge when he was first rescued here.

Sergeant Snuggles:

Male Magpie Harlequin


Sergeant Snuggles (Sarge)

- Adopted!