Sheila was found in a backyard on 9/5/18. She was infested with fleas and very hungry. After her vet visit and a dose of Revolution, she was cleared as a healthy bun. She was spayed on 9/20 and is recovering wonderfully.

She is just starting to come out of her shell- she loves to be pet! If you wrap her in a blanket, she will snuggle with you for a long time, as long as you give her lots of pets! She's very sweet.

She excitedly takes a slice of banana in the mornings, and loves to eat parsley, romaine and dandelion leaves for dinner. Her litter box habits are STELLAR. She is a wonderful bunny! 

I'm not sure how she would be with cats/dogs, but she may be a good candidate for the right husbun.   


​Female - spayed

Lionhead mix

Young adult

Small - about 3-4 lbs.

Sheila - Adopted!