This is Sushila, named after the first female Chief Justice of Nepal. She’s a big, solid girl, weighing 11 pounds or so. She came from a NJ shelter where they figured she would do better in foster. 

She’s shy and will still pull back when I reach to pet her, but she doesn't fight when she’s picked up and she enjoys being petted. She also doesn’t mind the family cat. She has a large pen but doesn’t venture very far unless she’s sure “no one is looking”. 

She's litter-box trained and will be spayed soon.

Sushila has a very healthy appetite, enjoying a variety of greens, hay, and a bit of treat (banana or carrot) every day.

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Female - will be spayed soon

Californian - White with gray markings

Adult - probably born in 2015 or 2016

Large ~ 11 lbs.

​Located in the ​Rochester area