Shushila - Adopted!

This is Sushila, named after the first female Chief Justice of Nepal. She’s a big, solid girl, weighing 12 pounds. 

Sushila will be a good bun to bond with another bun. She likes to sit in her food/litter bin and watch everything. She’s shy on hop time, staying to the walls or edges of her area, but with more time, she will settle in.

When it’s her turn for hop time or grooming and attention, she pushes her dewlap out and gives me a, “why me” look. She never struggles when I pick her up, but at 12 or so pounds she’s a solid armful.

Sushila eats everything. Every last blade of hay and morsel of pellet. She likes everything! As a solo bun, she will be very quiet and is not very active. I think she will gain confidence if she has a companion because she doesn’t mind her next door neighbors. She watches the family cat but doesn’t seem interested in him at all.

Sushila came from a NJ shelter where she was lost in all the noise and activity. She would appreciate a calm environment with consistent low key stimulation to really do well.


Female - will be spayed soon

Californian - White with gray markings

Adult - probably born in 2015 or 2016

Large ~ 12 lbs.

​Located in the ​Rochester area