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​Born 8/6/18

Estimated adult weight is 5-6 lbs.

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This is Simmental, named after a breed of cow with the same color pattern she has. When she was a baby, she and her brothers all had square noses and short baby ears- they resembled little cows.

Simmy is an adventurous, outgoing and happy girl. She loves to be petted and held and looks forward to her nose rubs when she’s told ‘noses’. She will put her nose up and even rub it into your hand. She will gladly hop and binky all day.

She and her brothers were bottle fed from birth to 6 weeks when they discovered Timothy and alfalfa tasted great. Now she eats romaine and some herbs. She’s had a little kale and liked it, but not too much on her 12 week old belly. Simmy would be adoptable with one of her brothers or as an independent girl.