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Male - Neutered

​Young - born ~ 11/2018

Will be medium size


A younger Smudge - March 2019

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One of the 2 smallest buns in a large litter, Smudge was rescued in March 2019 from a chilled and snowy outdoors situation.  At the time of his rescue, he was estimated to be about 4 months old.  He is putting on some weight and size, and may grow up to be a medium-sized bun!   

He is super active and needs space to stretch out and run around!  He loves to run and jump and is happiest in a pen rather than an enclosed cage. The pen needs to be tall, though, because Smudge is adventurous and has been known to hop over walls! 

He also loves to dig at towels and mats.  He has not been observed to chew things he shouldn't chew. 

Like many rabbits, Smudge is shy about being handled, and a little afraid of humans looming over him.  If you get down onto the floor and interact on his level, Smudge starts to warm up to you, and will snuggle right down to be petted.  He will sprawl with his hind legs kicked out, or make a classic "bunny loaf" shape, and enjoy being petted for long periods of time.  

Smudge has a sweet temperament to match his sweet face.  He gets a little nervous or annoyed if he's in a high-traffic area of the house, and will hide.  Keep him somewhere quieter and he will relax.  He will thrive in a quiet home with gentle human(s).  
We don't know whether he will like other rabbits yet and he hasn't been introduced to cats, dogs or children.