​​​Soy Sauce​ "Saucey"


Male - Neutered

​Young - Born 12/5/19

​Medium size, ~4-5 lbs.

Meet Saucey!

This lil' darling was the largest in his litter! His mom was a medium-sized bun and his dad a dwarf. Named Soy Sauce when he came into his foster home, his foster mom decided to nickname him Saucey, which has been a well-suited moniker for this heart breaker! 

Saucey is super curious about everything! He loves to be out and exploring, running from one end of the room to another (as fast as possible), and generally playing around. He is a climber and will definitely find his way to the top of a table, onto a couch, or any perch he feels compelled to jump up on.

He is very sweet and friendly! Saucey doesn't mind being held and doesn't mind being moved around if he's in the way. He loves to be pet, but does get a little nervous when it comes to nail clipping time! Who doesn't!?!

Saucey's a great eater, loves his food. Especially a banana slice! He'll eat all kinds of fresh greens, cucumbers, broccoli, along with blueberries, strawberries, timothy hay, and pellets (in moderation)! He's litter trained and has excellent box skills!

He's a bit scared of his foster mom's cat (who's old and ignores the rabbits) when she comes around. But he's also so curious about this animal, he can't help but inch as close as possible to get a good look. 
He was recently neutered and everyone at the vet's office told his foster mom what a good boy he was and how sweet he is. He's sure to make a great addition to your home!