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Female - Spayed

New Zealand White


​Located in Monroe County

Sylvia was found in October 2016 living in an outdoor hutch with 5 adult rabbits and two babies. She was very underweight, around 3 pounds, because she was unable to open her mouth due to the way her teeth were growing.

She was brought to a veterinarian who trimmed her teeth and soon she put on enough weight be spayed and later have dental surgery.

She is the sweetest, most curious bunny! She's extremely friendly and it seems like she loves everything and everyone. She has no trouble eating and she loves to do it! She’s rarely seen without a piece of hay in her mouth.

Sylvia is litter trained and she’d be a great free running bunny, especially since she’s very persistent on going where she wants to. She does sometimes dig in her litter box, probably because she wants attention!  She also has a silly habit of moving her exercise pen around the room as though it’s a vehicle!