Male - Neutered

​Born around 2010

​Located in Ithaca area

Thumper - Adopted

Thumper is a very sweet, friendly rabbit who LOVES attention and petting. He will even pass up his favorite treats and beg for a head scratch, and will sit next to you and go into a happy rabbit coma for as long as you're willing to pet him. He's tolerant of handling and with coaxing will even sit on your lap in order to be pet.

He adores time out of his cage, however he will hop back in on his own if it's dinnertime and he's been out for awhile. He learns quickly, and between food-motivation and the petting-motivation, is very trainable.

Unfortunately he has problems with his teeth that require sedated/anesthetized trims every 3 weeks to manage painful points. If this is not maintained carefully, he develops severe ulcers on his tongue from the points, stops eating, and goes into stasis. He's had full bloodwork and a CT of his head in the past 6 months to check for more serious underlying issues; none were found.

He is not litter-trained yet, but his previous owners didn't realize rabbits COULD be litter trained and never tried. The lack of neutering didn't help, and after he was neutered his free-peeing behavior toned-down considerably.  I believe in the right setting he could be much better about using his pan. 

Thumper is a great little guy who needs a caring person who's willing to keep up with his teeth, and he will give you tons of love in exchange!