Unicorn - Adoption Pending!

Unicorn earned her name after her elusive personality when first encountered by our volunteers.  Unicorn and her sister Auburn were abandoned and spotted this past February. Although she was spotted few times, it took volunteers  3 weeks to capture her! If it wasn't for her strong desire of food, her captors were beginning to think she didn't truly exist!

And now that she has adjusted to life indoors, Unicorn is loving the pampered life! 
She will do just about anything for a treat, and begs/tries so hard, her foster family is convinced she is a dog trapped inside a bunny's body.  She does a happy dance and song after each meal. She's quite the hoot! And she snuggles the absolute best before meals.

Unicorn can be shy around new people at first, or when moved into a new home, but once she knows people=food, she is 100% in it for the win! She will need a family that understands that too much food and treats are not what is best, and that all good things come in moderation. She loves head scratches, naps in the sun, snoozing in bunny houses, and well, food.

Her litterbox habits are near perfection! Unicorn loves playing with her sister Auburn, and although they would love a home together, it is not necessary. Unicorn shows signs of being able to bond well with other buns, especially a future hus-bun. Unicorn does very well in a busy household with children, cats, and low energy dogs. She's a great catch!

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Female - will be spayed prior to adoption

Born ~ 4/2018
​Medium/Large size​

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