Unicorn was found abandoned along with her sister, Auburn, this February. She got her name by being so elusive - she was sighted by a kindly neighbor but not caught for three weeks!

Beautiful and a bit mysterious like her mythological namesake, Unicorn is a curious and energetic bun. She is also very vocal, and even “sings” a little song sometimes when she’s especially happy after a good meal.

She’s a little shy now, but she is bound to blossom into a big personality with more attention and space. She tolerates being petted and enjoys a head rub in the right mood. She needs someone to work with her getting used to being handled.

Given the situation she was in, fending for herself in the depths of winter, it’s no surprise that she loves food - timothy-based pellets (currently eating Oxbow), greens (lettuces, cilantro, a little kale), and hay (currently eating a mix of Small Pet Select second and first cut timothy). She also likes to munch on her chew sticks until there’s nothing left.

Unicorn’s litter box habits are very good - occasional stray stool pellets, no urine accidents.

She isn't much of a chewer, (except for food!), and she's not a serious digger.

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Female - will be spayed before adopted

Born ~ 4/2018
​Medium size - about 6+ lbs.​

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