Willow was an Easter purchase that was "dumped" when the owner realized they weren't ready for the commitment.

Willow enjoys hopping/climbing on furniture, hopping up on people while exploring, chewing boxes, playing with her bell, and jumping in and out of her 2 tier cat-cozy house.

She eats her pellets quite fast, so her food is put in a doggy treat ball to encourage her to eat slower. This also makes her work for her food so she doesn't get bored.
She really likes red or green leaf lettuce, cilantro, parsley, carrot pieces, banana and apple.
Treats are always enjoyed - she'll inhale an Oxbow biscuit.  Willow also loves to eat Willow branches and leaves!

Like many rabbits, she does not like to be held, but will lay down and enjoy head rubs.  She seeks out affection if you sit on the floor with her or let her up on the furniture.

She will need an absolutely bunny-proofed home. All cords should be in black cord protectors and power strips in protectors as well, otherwise she'll eat them.  She also likes to try and cram into small spaces, but that's a normal rabbit behavior.

Willow needs to be an only bun.  She shares a home with a male neutered rabbit and a female guinea pig and doesn't like either one!  She enjoys dogs, and plays with her foster "aunt's" 22 pound terrier mix.  We don't know how she would be with cats.  She does have a stuffed bunny that she cuddles and grooms.

She loves to run the bunny '500' in a carpeted space and will jump up and down the couch and bed without stopping.  She has jumped almost 4 feet high with no effort, so that will need to be taken into consideration.  She jumps with no fear at all!

She is currently housed in a 4 foot tall x-pen when her foster mom isn't home or is asleep.  Her cage is too small for her and she does not like being in a cage at all. 


Harlequin Lop Mix

Female - Spayed

Birthday - approx. 11/2014

​Weighs around 6 lbs.

Located in Rochester area