Cutie's babies at 10 days old.

In the warm December of 2015, residents of a small city in the Southern Tier of New York noticed vividly colored domestic rabbits lounging under shrubbery in their back yards, running across busy downtown streets, and eagerly munching on broccoli and lettuce that neighbors put on their lawns. A single humane trap with some banana bait helped bring a total of six bunnies out of the elements just before the weather turned cold. Cutie is one of those lucky bunnies.

Cutie was pregnant when she was rescued and had 4 adorable babies on January 11th.

Cutie is a good mom and she enjoys dandelion and other greens. She is bonded with Sasha, so they must be adopted together.

Sasha, one of Cutie's babies, with Cutie behind him.

Cutie - Adopted!

Cutie (& Sasha) in their wonderful new home!

Cutie - Bonded with Sasha

Female - Spayed