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Emotionally, I am very nervous. I’m so used to being in survival and protective mode that it’s hard to transition to trusting my foster mom. I have been able to relax a little since coming into safety, but I have a long way to go. I will need an experienced bunny family who understands me and loves me despite my situation. I need to be spayed so I won’t be worried about having anymore babies and then I can really start on my journey to being an indoor, loving rabbit. 

I have a new stuffed animal friend and I am just starting to sit near it and acknowledge that it’s not going to hurt me. 

Hi! I’m Marmalade. I was dumped at a seasonal lakeside area with a couple other rabbits and left to fend for myself. Fortunately, a kind owner of one of the cottages saw me and contacted THE Rabbit Resource to get me, my litter of kits, and another bun rounded up and into safety. 

My time outside took a physical and emotional toll on me. I lost a part of my front leg somehow and it’s very difficult for me to get around. My foster mom keeps my area restricted so I feel safe and don’t have far to go. I contracted cuterebra this past summer which required removal and post operative care. The doctor found 3 in my neck, and my foster mom found a fourth at the base of my ear. I had internal parasites and mites that dulled my appetite and my fur coat. I needed medicines, but on top of all that, I was pregnant again. A week after I came to my foster home, I delivered the babies, but it was too soon for them and they weren’t ready. I had been undernourished, fighting the parasites, and with the stress of staying safe outside, my body just couldn’t support the babies. 



​Female - will be spayed soon


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